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Singing Lessons designed for the Actor and Beginner

  • Are you a professional actor?

  • An aspiring singer?

  • Have you missed out on a part because you can’t sing?

  • Surely, you know that as a professional you must be able to sing in the theatre of today?

Here is a golden opportunity to get out of the rut and do something positive about it.

Learning how to sing

If you take singing lessons the mantra is you have to practice daily to improve. So it is always best to find a slot in your day so you can sing. This means you get to exercise your voice but also you build your awareness of your voice.

To help you with your daily singing routine, Natural Singing has produced an online course that covers the fundamentals of singing with the beginner, actor, and singer in mind. It not only offers good vocal technique but confidence in knowing that well-known actors such as (click image to find out more):

  • Jeremy IronsBristol Old Vic ex Students
  • Tim Pigott-Smith
  • Allan Corduner
  • Chris Biggins
  • Greta Scacchi
  • Jane Lapotaire

…to name just a few, received the same basic training from John Oxley at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and all have made their mark in the profession as actors and over many years have used their voices correctly in speech and singing. I emphasise the Natural approach with knowledge gained over many years of study and singing and teaching.

Don’t sit back and do nothing go to the store page and start the online course today and prepare yourself for your future career as an all-round confident professional.

John is in touch with many of his old students who are now household names and they regularly thank him for his influence in their professional careers. He can do the same for you if YOU are prepared to work at it.