York University, Canada:

“…He even tells poor jokes as early as 9 O’clock in the morning…”
“…I consider Mr. Oxley as one of the finest teachers I have ever had…”
“…He is the main reason I returned for the fourth year…”
“…It was fascinating to hear an expert diagnose my voice…”
“…I will never cease to be amazed at all I have learned…”

Christopher Binns

I was fortunate to be trained by you at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

John, the techniques, training, discipline, and just plain Love of the art of the voice that you exuded was literally sucked into our pores as students. All of us, used, and still use, your techniques as a part of our daily lives as performers.

There has not been one day in the succeeding years when I have not used your techniques for breathing, projection and voice placement. It is entirely due to you, and you alone, that I can fill, halls, courtyards, castles, and open fields with an unaided voice.

To retrain with you and regain the daily discipline of my art through you once more is a joy. You have recaptured my imagination and I am already hearing and feeling an increased range in my voice.

Practice, Practice, Practice is now my mantra. Thank Goodness you taught me what, how, when, and why to practice.

Thanks to the Natural Singing videos you are with me every morning taking me through my exercises.

Ps. Both of my boys have been working with me professionally since they were 6. My oldest couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket until I showed him your techniques. He passed his A level at A star, in musicals …He sang! What can I say!

Gerry Parker

Critic – ‘Expert guidance for the cast of Pippin’. The enthusiasm which helped to make John Oxley one of the most respected Rose Bowl adjudicators and singing teachers was still firmly in place when I met him earlier this week.

He may no longer be fully occupied as a teacher and adjudicator but, when he gets involved, those who reap the benefit of his vast experience can count themselves lucky.

One such group is Backwell Playhouse Company’s youth group, and thanks to John’s guidance they will have a firm grasp of how to sing the score of Pippin by Stephen Schwarz of Godspell fame…

Mike Grady

Professional Actor – up until recently played ‘Barry’ in Last of the Summer Wine on the BBC, and past student of John’s from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

…Let me say how pleased I am with your tuition. It is absolutely excellent and I am using it a lot. John, you have done a terrific job. Not only is it very good to see you looking and SOUNDING so well and in such good humour, it is also extremely handy for me to be led through the exercises for twenty minutes or so each day. It really is fantastic…

Where your Singing Lessons score for me is that it gives me back my breathing and speaking voice. Apart from working in the theatre I have been recording talking books and quite complicated corporate narration, and to have the voice placed well is vital over a long session.

Your lessons are very valuable to me in getting my voice back where it should be. I must have been cheating for years! I have certainly acquired some bad habits and shallow chest breathing which I am working on now with your help. Many thanks.


Mon Ami – recently said: …John Oxley is the best that I know. He worked for the Bristol Old Vic for many years and is a local legend.

Terry Milton

Artistic Director, Backwell Playhouse Theatre Company and formerly staff member of 30 years at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre.

“…I have known John for many years and a mutual respect of each others abilities has developed. I have recommended many students to John for voice training (singing) and suggest that, if the opportunity to study with him on the web should occur, then do so. You are in good hands… A master of his craft”