Singing Lessons DVD

Singing Lessons DVD for the Actor and Beginner

Natural-Singing-DVD-and-case-001This DVD is designed specifically for the actor and beginner in mind, and contains many examples of good vocal technique. Please click on the image to the right to purchase your DVD today – $43.00

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Singing for the Actor and Beginner is aimed specifically to demystify the whole process of singing. The singing lessons DVD contains video and audio demonstrating good singing technique.

The Singing Lesson DVD can be played in a DVD player or a computer using iTunes or your preferred player. Included are easy to follow menus taking you from one lesson to the next.

What’s included on the DVD?

  • 6 video singing lessons
  • Over 100 minutes of tuition time
  • Full singing demonstrations from John Oxley
  • Practise material
  • Practise work sheet

Singing Lesson 1 covers breathing and the diaphragm movement

In this lesson we want to develop your awareness and control of  breath and the diaphragm.

Singing Lesson 2 covers vocal techniques such as Placing and Covering

We look at vocal technique and extending the song from lesson one, and you will be introduced to some new terminology referred to as ‘placing’ and ‘covering’.

Singing Lesson 3 covers smooth movement between Oo and Eee vowels

Here we will learn to move smoothly through the vocal registers, top notes with ‘Oo’ and ‘Ee’, using the technique of placing and covering.

Singing Lesson 4 covers the remaining vowels to open and relax the voice

Moving smoothly through the vocal registers, top notes with ‘Aw’ and ‘Ah’, using the technique of placing and covering and voice song demonstration.

Singing Lesson 5 introduces the focus technique to improve your resonance

The focus of breath into the upper head cavities giving the voice improved resonance. This is probably one of the most important skills you will learn although through practise it may seem very simple and undemanding. Focus using humming on ‘M’ and ‘N’ through to an ‘Ee’, ‘C’, etc.

Singing Lesson 6 covers all previous singing techniques in a voice song

A song to develop your awareness of voice. During this lesson you will incorporate the previous techniques that you have studied. John, will demonstrate the song in full.

Additional singing lesson material:

  • Practice files
  • Major scale
  • Example of tone deafness
  • Practice schedule