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Singing Lessons Podcast for the Actor and Beginner


The singing lessons podcast contains audio only and some animations to illustrate certain points during the audio instructions and teaching. Please select the image to the right to purchase your singing lessons today – £12.00

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  • Over 60 minutes of singing lessons
  • 7 individual singing lessons
  • Built-in animations
  • With supporting Booklet (in PDF format)

For your preview please have a listen to the short Podcast samples below:

Podcast 1 of 7 – Breathing

Total Time 9 minutes 18 seconds
This podcast explains how important the diaphragm is and how to improve your awareness of breathing for singing. Just listen to the podcast first to get an idea of its content and then use it each day as part of your exercise routine and overtime this way of breathing will become second nature.
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Podcast 2 of 7 – Phrasing (A)

Total Time 7 minutes 40 seconds
This podcast explains how important it is to have an open throat. There are a selection of exercises using consonant and vowel combinations to help you develop this aspect of singing. There are demonstrations for you to follow and general advice regarding phrasing. Select Buy Now to purchase your podcast today.

Podcast 3 of 7 – Phrasing (B)

Total Time 4 minutes 2 seconds
This podcast uses a song to demonstrate the element of phrasing. You will hear examples of the phrasing and then you will sing along. Finally there is a section where you can practice by yourself. The importance here is to concentrate on your diction and musical line.
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Podcast 4 of 7 – Placing and Covering

Total Time 19 minutes 33 seconds
This podcast is very important for you to master. Placing and covering are two excellent techniques that will help you distinguish your voice above others. These techniques take time and patience but are certainly worth the time and effort. Again awareness is the key to success here.
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Podcast 5 of 7 – Phrasing, breathing and placing

Total Time 14 minutes 58 seconds
In this podcast we will be using a song to incorporate the techniques you have learned so far – breathing, phrasing and placing. There are many demonstrations and opportunity for you to join in and also to try on your own. Listen very carefully to the examples, e.g. diction, pronunciation, phrasing, vocal line, word emphasis and interpretation.
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Podcast 6 of 7 – Song study

Total Time 8 minutes 32 seconds
This podcast has a song study for you to master. Again the emphasis is on awareness. Take into account the meaning of the song, the sense of the song, what is the songs location, etc. This is a great song for you to strengthen your new techniques and incorporate them into this song. Remember to re-listen to previous podcasts to refresh your understanding of a particular technique.
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Podcast 7 of 7 – Voice Exercises

Total Time 4 minutes 54 seconds
This podcast is for vocal exercise and warm ups. However hidden in these exercise are important vocal shapes for you to master. These vocal shapes are for you to study on a daily bases and they will help you strengthen your vocal and facial muscles and assist you to connect your breathing with singing.
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