Martin Williamson (actor and singer) – singing tuition from the best!

How singing and voice training with John Oxley has helped me during my career!

Martin-Williamson-actorMy great friend John Oxley, is one of the most inspiring people I know.

Not only is he the best singing teacher you could hope for, he’s worked with the best, and is the best.

He taught at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (head of singing and voice) and the same again in Canada, at York University. And many of his students then are household names today.

You won’t find a better singing teacher and his on-line singing lessons and video tuition is fantastic. It means I can study his techniques at any time.

When any new auditions are looming – out comes the Natural Singing Fundamentals Course and I can start to limber-up my voice. It gives me great confidence knowing I am using the right vocal techniques every time I sing or use my voice.

Still Singing Today – all down to good singing tuition!

Alan Leith (actor and singer)

facebook-John-Oxley-2015I was recently in contact with an old student of mine from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School – Alan Leith.

It was a short note to introduce my new website to him but, mainly to say I found an old recording of me singing Ombra Mai Fu, assured that this will bring back memories of Alan’s time spent at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

I went on to ask him if he still sang, because most of the old students of that era still do today, which I think is fantastic. I always remember Alan having a good tenor voice in his youth and presumed it is still with him, and encouraged him to sing along with me via the website. Well I was so pleased to hear back from him…I would like to share some of his comments…

alan leith actorblood brothers poster 1983Dear John, Great to hear from you and listen to you singing so well! Yes, I did join in! I loved my singing lessons with you John and they’ve kept me in good stead ever since.

I’ve performed in many musicals over the years ( including the premier of Blood Brothers as Mr Lyons in 1983) and sing with 2 local choirs now. One for the classical stuff and one for popular song…

Many thanks John, All Good Wishes, Alan